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Red Wing Shoes & Boots

Dedicated to Serving Men and Women that need Quality Boots and Shoes

November 1, 2003, Meier Shoe Company Inc. opened our shoe store in Pacific, MO. Committed to quality American made shoes for working men and women, we became a distinguished Red Wing Shoe dealer. We continue to offer a full selection of Red Wing shoes and boots in our Pacific Missouri shoe store. Our experienced shoe specialists are trained to help you identify the right shoes for your job. We will measure your feet to assure the right fit for comfort on the job. We carry accessory items, like leather belts and socks. We also stock products like oils to break in and preserve natural shoe leathers, as well as products to waterproof leather shoes and boots.

Every career has a uniform. Trained craftsmen, skilled tradesmen, artisans, laborers, engineers, and technical workers must wear proper shoes and boots on the job. Shoes and boots perform many important functions. Red Wing Shoes and Boots are designed and constructed to meet the demands of specialized jobs, hobbies and lifestyles.


We serve the needs of hard working men and women, including

Firemen shoes and safety worker shoes
Railroad Worker shoes
Miner shoes
Iron Worker shoes
Logger and Tree Trimmer shoes

Oil and Gas Worker shoes
Chemical Worker shoes
Package delivery worker shoes
Construction Worker shoes
Atomic Worker shoes
Postal Worker shoes
Farm shoes
Utility Worker shoes

Hunting shoes
Heavy & Light Manufacturing worker shoes
Transportation Highway Worker shoes
Warehouse Worker shoes
Service Worker shoes
Municipality worker shoes
Hiking shoes
And so many more




As a distinguished Red Wing Shoe dealer, Meier Shoe Company, works with many employers that offer employees an incentive or uniform allowance program that covers a portion of the cost of work boots and work shoes. Quality crafted boots and shoes are considered important trade tools. Top quality raw materials and a professional foot measurement contributes to safety and comfort on the job.

313 East Osage Street Route 66, Pacific, MO 63069